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Surrogate Search

Surrogate Search came about after working with my biological mother as muse for a number of years. As I prepared to move away from North Carolina, I began to contemplate the notion of a stand-in, while continuing conceptually in the realm of the maternal. Functioning in much the same way that I did with my biological mother, I first made work with a close friend. After moving to New York, I decided to post an ad on Craigslist where I sought out a mother in Manhattan to claim me as her child and incorporate me into her family. Courting consisted of integrating myself within the families of those who responded, while making work that related to their life. One of the mothers forwarded my information to Verónica Vega, an artist living in Chelsea with her daughter and husband. After getting to know one another, they eventually accepted me into their family. Verónica and I work collaboratively on the project, Welcome To My Faith In You.