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Intergenerational Transfer

In Ronald Lee’s Intergenerational Transfers, the Biological Life Cycle, and Human Society, he describes the process by which parental and societal educational investments help children to become self-sufficient and prosperous so that someday they can help their parents with an upward generational transfer.  This system of resource transfer serves as a closer-to-home version of social security.  In the same way that financial aid can be transferred from one generation to another, sentiment can as well.  Just as a child learns from their parents, the parents learn from their child.  I wanted to convey the transference of political and social ideology from from me to Mother through the simple action of putting her in my clothes.  This superficial translation from Mother to me encompasses ten of my identities that I can also put on and take off.  In presenting Mother as me, I aimed to have her experience my culture as I have lived and breathed hers.